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Hello, hobbyists and painting enthusiasts! For those who may not know me, I'm David Arroba, a professional miniature painter and instructor with over six years of experience. After producing various types of audiovisual content for some time alongside Garbiñe, we've finally taken the plunge to create our own Patreon!

What can you find on it?

  • Exclusive Video Processes: Dive into detailed tutorials that will guide you step by step through various painting techniques. There will be content for all skill levels, from basic to advanced processes.

  • Downloadable PDF Guides: Enhance your lessons with downloadable resources in PDF format. Additional materials, color schemes, and practical tips to help you refine your skills.

  • Exclusive Content: Patreon members get early access to my latest creations, secret projects, and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else.

  • Rewards and Benefits: We appreciate your support! Enjoy exclusive rewards, such as discounts on our own brand "Akelarre Models," participate in exclusive Patreon giveaways, and become a part of our Discord community.



A new way to learn. With our new painting courses on USB card format, you will be able to enjoy the painting process videos anywhere, without the need of internet connection or downloads. You will be able to watch it on any device and because it has the shape of a card...You can take anywhere!

mockup usb noona_edited.jpg
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In my Youtube channel you can find a wide variety of tutorials completely free of charge.

I post new content when I have time, I invite you to subscribe, if you do, you will receive all the news related to the channel..

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