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Painting Process


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Painting process in physical format. USB card with digipack.



This painting process has been created by David Arroba for all those painters, both beginners and experienced, who want to improve their painting skills. The basic course format will offer you the fundamental and most important aspects of painting such as:


- Basic color theory.


-Achieving a great variety of contrasts.




-Textures and different materials.


-Different brush techniques.


NMM (non-metallic metal).


More than four hours of video process with explanations. Intermediate level, requires some painting experience, if it will be your first time with brushes, it is better to have some more practice before getting into this course.

Noona, the Last Survivor Painting Process

SKU: 0002
  • Sculpt: Jonathan Monerris.

    Painting process: David Arroba.

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